Providing Archaeological, Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Engagement in a proactive, efficient, and accommodating manner.

Enanokiiyaang waabamangidwaa asiniing, enaadizookaazowaad gaye ezhi-oko-wiiji'idiyang gichianokaade weweni.


The Land Acknowledgement
Ezhi-dazhindamang Gidakiiminaan

Woodland Heritage Northwest respectfully acknowledges that their office is located on the traditional lands of Indigenous peoples. Located in Thunder Bay, these lands were the traditional territories of the ancestors of Fort William First Nation, signatories of the Superior Robinson Treaty, Treaty #60, of 1850. As a recognized Aboriginal company, Woodland Heritage Northwest acknowledges that our work is intertwined with the deep and diverse histories of all First Nations and Métis people. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to work in these territories and are committed to the recognition and respect of those who have lived, traveled, and gathered on the lands since time immemorial. We will continue to document, preserve, and share the Indigenous heritage that we are committed to stewarding and remain committed to building, fostering, and encouraging a respectful relationship with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples based upon principles of mutual trust, respect, reciprocity, and collaboration in the spirit of reconciliation.

Woodland Heritage Northwest ji-gikendamang epiichi-gichi-apiitendaagwak omma Anishinaabewakiing. Omaa ayaa Wiikwedong, mii omaa mewinzha Anishinaabeg Fort William First Nation, ogii-taangibii’aanaawaa Robinson Treaty, Treaty #60, 1850. Mii owe Anishinaabe anokiiwin ozhibii’igewigamig, Woodland Heritage Northwest Anishinaabewichigewin anokaade. Ningichi-apiitendaamin owe anokiitamaanggakina minjimendaagoziwag aazah omaa gaa-tanakiiwaad. Geyaabi go apane ninga-aniitaamin geyaabi ji-ani-bimosemagak Anishinaabenaadiziwin, ji-anokaadamang gaa-gii-wanibidamaagooyang.


Woodland Heritage Northwest Services

Archaelogical Assessments & Predictive Modelling, GIS and Traditional Knowledge, First Nation Engagement, & Non-Invasive Investigations.

Archaeological Assessments

Determination if any cultural remain exist on the landscape within the proposed develop.

Archaeological Predictive Modelling

Using remote sensing methods to determine likelihood of the presence of archaeological remains.

GIS and Traditional Knowledge

Working with Indigenous Communities to preserve and document cultural and sensitive areas within their traditional territory.

First Nation Engagement

Working with communities to address concerns regarding the cultural heritage of their history within their traditional territory

Non-Invasive Investigations

Using state-of-the art technology to survey sensitive landscapes so as not to disturb any remains. 


Our values and purpose are to provide Archaeological, Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Engagement in a proactive, efficient, and accommodating manner for all levels of industry.

Akawe ji-gikendamang apiitendaagoziwaad asiniing, gaye Anishinaabewichigewin, gakina awiya weweni izhichigeyang

In this sense, our core values align to each project ensuring we honour both our clients’ needs as well as respecting those communities that may or may not be impacted. Respecting the past and ensuring the artifacts are handled in a meaningful way is at the heart of what we do. We strive to continue our own learning by listening, participating and supporting our communities locally and in our region.

Ji-oko-wiiji’idiyang gaawiin ariya ji-onji-biimendang endaso-gamigiziyang. Weweni ji-ganawenjigaadegin menwinzha Anishinaabeg aabajichiganan ningichi-apiitendaamin onowe. Weweni ji-gikendamang izhichigewinan.


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