About Us


Woodland Heritage Northwest is a Metis owned archaeological consulting firm located in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Consisting of a team with over 50 years of archaeological experience within Ontario and across Canada we are comprised of a team who are dedicated, diverse and knowledgeable. Providing a high level of consulting services for Cultural Heritage Management, Preservation, Conservation and Planning, we work with our clients to ensure their projects meet or exceed heritage requirements as outlined within both the Environmental Assessment and the standards and guidelines of the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries.

Our collective 50+ years of experience conducting archaeology and delivering cultural resource management and our leading-edge technological expertise as archaeologists, positions Woodland Heritage Services as the premier archaeological and cultural heritage management firm in Ontario.

As archeological specialists, we excel in providing cultural heritage and archaeological management services for First Nations, the forest and mining industries, transportation industry and the energy sector and any other sector, or private developer who requires heritage management. Our skills are equally well placed on large scale projects as they are on more modest developments which require an archaeologist to conduct heritage resource assessments. We have a keen understanding of the challenges of conducting archaeology in the north. We are as comfortable doing archaeology from a canoe as we are from a helicopter.

Our first priority as archeologists is to work with our clients to ensure that cultural heritage and archaeological resources are identified and protected by meeting all legal requirements.


Key Strengths:

  •       recognized as archaeologists with international expertise in archaeological resource management and cultural heritage resource assessment;
  •        leading-edge technological approaches to cultural heritage and archaeology management, specifically in computer modelling of cultural heritage and archaeological site potential;
  •        intimate knowledge of the place of cultural heritage management in the forest management planning process in Ontario and an unparalleled grasp of Canadian and Provincial cultural heritage legislation and policy and its effect on cultural heritage regulatory requirements, specifically with the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries “Standards and Guidelines for Consulting Archaeology”, the generation of Native Values Background Reports, Reports on the Protection of Native Values and ensuring compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource’s Cultural Heritage Resource Guidelines, the Ontario Forest Management Planning Manual and the Class EA for Timber Management in Ontario as well as the Ontario Aggregate Resources Act and the Ontario Heritage Act;
  •        WHNW staff have 50+ years experience doing archaeology and being archaeologists – surveying, discovering, excavating archaeological sites, and providing advice regarding cultural heritage resources in Ontario and other regions of Canada.
  •        WHNW staff have an excellent working relationship with First Nations in Ontario and have performed archaeological and cultural heritage work for First Nations Communities and First Nations Organizations.