We respectfully acknowledge that their office is located on the traditional lands of Indigenous peoples.

Ji-gikendamang epiichi-gichi-apiitendaagwak omaa Anishinaabewakiing

Located in Thunder Bay, these lands were the traditional territories of the ancestors of Fort William First Nation, signatories of the Superior Robinson Treaty, Treaty #60, of 1850. As a recognized Aboriginal company, Woodland Heritage Northwest acknowledges that our work is intertwined with the deep and diverse histories of all First Nations and Métis, people. We are grateful for the opportunity to work in these territories and are committed to the recognition and respect of those who have lived, traveled, and gathered on the lands since time immemorial. We will continue to document, preserve, and share the Indigenous heritage that we are committed to stewarding and remain committed to building, fostering, and encouraging a respectful relationship with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples based upon principles of mutual trust, respect, reciprocity, and collaboration in the spirit of reconciliation.

Woodland Heritage Northwest mii omaa eyaag ozhibii’igewigaming Anishinaabewakiing. Omaa Wiikwedong, mewinzha gete-anishinaabewaking Fort WIlliam First Nation, mewinzha gin-taangibii’igaade Anishinaabe mazina’igan diba’aadiwin #60, 1850. Anishinaabeg odibendaanaawaa owe inanokiiwin, Woodland Heritage Northwest etzhi-ganawendimang gidizhitwaawininaanin. 


Ezhi-anokaadamang gaye mewinzha gaa-izhitwaayang. Geyaabiweweni daa-ani-anokaade. Da-ozhibii’igaade ji-waniikaadesinog ezhi-anishinaabe-manaaji’idiyang anishinaabe. Wiisaakodewininiwag gaye Eshkiimeg oko-anokiimanaaji’idiwin.



Woodland Heritage Northwest is a Metis owned, certified aboriginal archaeological consulting firm located in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Consisting of a team with over 30 years of archaeological experience within Ontario and across Canada we are a team who are dedicated, diverse and knowledgeable. Providing a high level of consulting services for Cultural Heritage Management, Preservation, Conservation and Planning, we work with our clients to ensure their projects exceed heritage requirements as outlined within the Environmental Assessment and the standards of the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism (MCM).

Aazha 30 dash-biboon ogii-gikenimaawaa asinii’ omaa Zhaaganaaganaashiiwakiing gaye agaamaya’ii gikendaagwak ezhichigaadeg. Mii owe aazhawenimaagetaang Wii-kikendang away gigot, niwii-danokiimaanaanig awashime ji-maajiishkaag weweni ninaanaagajichigemin gaye gii-wii-biiwidewiyang gaye anokiiwinan.

Our collective 30+ years of experience conducting archaeology and delivering cultural resource management and our leading-edge technological expertise as archaeologists, positions Woodland Heritage Services as the premier archaeological and cultural heritage management firm in Ontario.

O’owe 30+ dash-biboon gwayakochige anokiiwinan onowe anokiitamaang ayaawag gekendamowaad izhichigewinan anokiing, naagwadoon gwayakowichigewinan omaa Zhaaganaashiiwakiing.

We have worked with many Indigenous communities in Treaty 3, Treaty 9, and Robinson Superior to inclusively integrate indigenous knowledge and participation in our investigations. We strive to deliver services that mitigate and protect cultural heritage in a way that is the least detrimental to a project’s timeline, objective and budget while satisfying provincial and where appropriate, federal regulatory requirements.

Aazha niibiwa ishkonjanikaang gaa-ayaawaad niwiidanokiimaanaanig Treaty 3, Treaty 9, Robinson Superior aabadakin ogikendaasowinaanaan aaa-gikendamang. Weweni ningagwe-izhchigemin awiya ji-biimendazig ganawendang diba’amaadiwin gakina nindaabajitoomin izhchigewinan.

Key Strengths

Woodland Heritage Northwest Key Strengths

International Expertise

Recognized as archaeologists with international expertise in archaeological assessments and cultural heritage resource management.

Leading-edge Technology

Leading-edge technological approaches to cultural heritage and archaeology management, specifically in computer modelling of cultural heritage and archaeological site potential.

Cultural Heritage

Intimate knowledge of the place of cultural heritage management in the forest management planning process in Ontario and an unparalleled grasp of Canadian and Provincial cultural heritage legislation and policy and its effect on cultural heritage regulatory requirements, specifically with the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries “Standards and Guidelines for Consulting Archaeology”, the generation of Native Values Background Reports, Reports on the Protection of Native Values and ensuring compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource’s Cultural Heritage Resource Guidelines, the Ontario Forest Management Planning Manual and the Class EA for Timber Management in Ontario as well as the Ontario Aggregate Resources Act and the Ontario Heritage Act;

Over 30 Years’ Experience

WHNW staff have over 30 years’ experience doing archaeology and being archaeologists – surveying, discovering, excavating archaeological sites, and providing advice regarding cultural heritage resources in Ontario and other regions of Canada.

Excellent Working Relationship With First Nations in Ontario

WHNW staff have an excellent working relationship with First Nations in Ontario and have performed archaeological and cultural heritage work for First Nations Communities and First Nations Organizations.


Our values and purpose are to provide Archaeological, Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Engagement in a proactive, efficient, and accommodating manner for all levels of industry.

In this sense, our core values align to each project ensuring we honour both our clients’ needs as well as respecting those communities that may or may not be impacted. Respecting the past and ensuring the artifacts are handled in a meaningful way is at the heart of what we do. We strive to continue our own learning by listening, participating and supporting our communities locally and in our region.


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